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Built: 1968


     G. Wykes - 1968-1969

     Don Leatham - 1969-1984

     Ron Hill - 1984 - 1987

     Ken Yeaman - 1987 - 1990

     Don Leatham - 1990 - 1994

     Dianne Smith - 1994 - 1997

     Sandy Hills - 1997 - 2001

     Wayne Pfeffer - 2001 - 2003

     Pat Blackmore - 2003 - 2006

     Paul Robinson - 2009 - 2012

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This was us...

One of the many single room school houses which eventually amalgamated into the new Brant Township Central School was SS.#1 - Johnston’s Corners School. The first school was a log structure built in the 1850’s. This was used until it was too small for the number of children attending.

A few years later a stone school was built at the foot of the hill east of the corner. This stone school was used until January 6, 1937 when it was completely destroyed by fire.

School continued to be held on the farm of William Wangler in his home, until the new brick building, shown above to the right of the stone building, was built in September 1937. This building still stands just east of what we now call the John Deere corner.

Brant Central School was built in 1968 as a consolidation of many one-rooms schools in Brant Township. The history of many of these schools stretches back to and pre-dates that of Walkerton.

To introduce the centralized system, the students were bussed, according to grade levels, to the smaller schools during the 1967-68 year.

     Grades 7 & 8 -     Dunkeld School with Mrs. Thompson.

     Grades 7 & 8 -     Todd’s School with Mrs. Leon

     Grades 7 & 8 -     Pearl Lake School with Mrs. Tremble

     Grades 5 & 6 -     Johnson’s Corner School with Mrs. Cowie

     Grades 4, 5 & 6 - South Line School with Mrs. Mighton

     Grades 4, 5 & 6 - William’s School with Mrs. Lorenz

     Grades 3 & 4 -      Eden Grove School with Miss Gullett

     Grades 1 & 2 -      Cargill School with Mrs. Catto

     Grades 1, 2 & 3 -  Baird’s School with Mrs. Turner     

     Grades 1, 2 & 3 -  Maple Hill School with Mrs. Reuber

Brant Central was opened to the pupils during the first week of October in 1968 and was officially opened on November 29th, 1968.

The enrolment exceeded expectations and the Guidance Room was pressed into service as an extra Primary Teaching Area.

The staff members during the first year were:

     Principal - Mr. G. Wykes                                           Grade 8 - Mrs. Leon

       Grade 7 - Mrs. Catto                                                    Grade 6 - Mrs. Cowie

            Grade 5 - Mrs. Thompson                                         Grade 4 - Mrs. Mighton

         Grade 3 - Mrs. Lorenz                                                 Grade 2 - Mrs. Reuber

        Grade 1 - Mrs. Turner                                                 Grade 1 - Miss Turner

                                Kindergarten - Mrs. Webb                                        Special Education - Mrs. Tremble

                     Secretary - Miss Ernewein                                        Custodian - Clarence Kaster

The following year, the school was still overcrowded and there was available space at the Walkerton Public School. As a result approximately 30 Brant pupils made the journey each morning to link up with existing classes at WPS. The staff at Brant Central remained pretty much the same with just a few changes. Mr. Don Leatham came in as principal. Mrs. Thompson moved into the Grade 8 class upon Mrs. Leon’s departure. Mrs. Mighton moved into Grade 5. Mrs. Reuber moved into Grade 4. Mrs. Hoaurt was new to the school and took over the Grade 2 duties. Mrs. Bell, also new to the school came into the Grade 1 class.

During the 1970-71 year, a major landscaping project was begun. The completion of this, along with an addition of more playground equipment brought the playground up to the high standard of the school structure itself. During this year Mr. Dave Garlick arrived to take over the Grade 7 duties left by Mrs. Thompson. The following year a portable was added to the Brant property and within another year or two a second portable classroom was added. The bottom field was landscaped providing a wonderful opportunity for sporting activities from Track & Field & Cross Country events to several soccer pitches and a baseball diamond.

During it’s short life span, Brant Central distinguished itself in many areas. The little school became a force to be reckoned with in athletic events and on the academic front. It produced many musical productions. It participated in many athletic events from Soccer, to Basketball, Volleyball, Track & Field and Cross Country.  In 1978 one of the first instrumental music programs in the county was started at the school and students from grades 4 - 6 were given the opportunity to learn how to play a band instrument. As well, Science Fairs & Public Speaking have been a part of Brant life for years.

In the early 80’s computer technology was taking the world by storm and Brant was at the front of the charge with computers in every classroom and eventually a Grade 8 class with one computer for every two students.

Both students and staff of Brant Central School are very proud of the heritage of their little round school. The friendships, the activities and the fun which we had was something that brought us all together as a family. “Oh yes, we even learned a few things now and then” and Brant is proud of it’s graduates and the success that they have had at their older sister school WDSS and in their occupations. To all Brant Central Students....”You have made us PROUD!!!

The school will be no more, but we will never forget the memories and the friendships which it provided for us.

Memories and friendships which will last a lifetime.



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