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The 3 schools that were home to us for so many years and which are now no longer with us.

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In 2012 the public school board built a new school on the old site of WDSS. This new school will is a K - 12 school bringing together students from Brant Central, Walkerton Public and Walkerton District Secondary School, into ONE building. As a result, Brant Central and Walkerton Public schools will be vacated. There are many things we will miss about these schools. There has been a long history of activities and events related to all three schools and there is not enough room in the new school to bring everything from the old schools forward. With that in mind, we have created this site to provide for the schools’ past staff and students to be able to remember some of the activities which shaped and developed the lives of so many students over so many years.

In this site, we are going to try to provide for us all, pictures of graduating classes, teachers and principals. As well, we will provide a record of the treasures which the three schools contained which cannot be moved to the new school location. Such things as plaques, trophy’s and banners will be displayed in picture format for you to visit and re-visit whenever you like.

We invite everyone to send us pictures and stories which can be included in this site to help us never forget what we learned, who we met and how our lives were shaped as a result of the experiences we shared within the walls and halls of our former alma matters.

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